Minnesota West Community and Technical College and the BlueJay Booster Club are asking for your support for the upcoming 2017-2018 BlueJay and LadyJay athletic season.  Your membership is crucial to help fund our athletic programs in a variety of positive ways.  This includes, but isn’t limited to, equipment upgrades, travel, athletic banquets and other areas not covered by our respective budgets.

            We are continuing our efforts to honor all of our All Americans and our Hall of Fame Inductees with plaques in our History Hallway.  We are looking forward to the completion of this project, because we are aware of how important it is to honor the great traditions that have been built here at Worthington Junior College, Worthington Community College, and now at Minnesota West Community and Technical College.

            Our BlueJays and LadyJays had success in 2016-17.  The LadyJay basketball team qualified for the Region XIII tournament, as did the LadyJay softball team.  The BlueJay Baseball team finished the season 29-17 the most wins in school history and their 14-2 Conference record earned them the first ever Southern Division Championship and #2 Seed in the Region XIII tournament.  The BlueJay Wrestling program once again had a wrestler in the National Tournament and another All-American.  The Wrestling program sees Bob Purcell retire and a former BlueJay standout wrestler takes over the helm, as we welcome Bryan Cowdin to the coaching staff at Minnesota West.  The LadyJays and BlueJays also received numerous individual, conference, division, state, regional, and national awards for their athletic skills and their work academically in the classroom.

            We have several exciting levels of membership options that offer a variety of benefits for you, and your family and / or your business.  I would like to highlight a new opportunity through social media, and the livestreaming of some of our athletic events coupled with our new Presto Sports Athletic Department Webpage.  Developed by Presto Sports, these webpages have an average of 1,300 hits per day, or 36,800 hits in a month. This opportunity will greatly impact our student athletes as well as gain recognition for your business.  Please review the information on the back, and understand that I will be following up with you in the near future. You can also fill out the portion below and send this to us at your convenience. We are excited about this upcoming school year and about the possibilities for the Booster Club, and we hope you know just how much your support would mean to us. I will be talking with you soon.


T. D. Hostikka, Head Men’s Baseball Coach

Booster Club Coordinator